Fixing REQUEST_URI functions.php file on line 73 Error in WordPress

REQUEST_URI functions.php file on line 73 Error in WordPress, Usually it happens when you upgrade your WordPress from old PHP versions to new ones like PHP version 7.3 (ea-php73).

This error is usually displayed as text at the top of the website and the wp Admin Dashboard.

The error text is usually as follows:

Warning: Use of undefined constant REQUEST_URI – assumed ‘REQUEST_URI’ (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /var/www/…/web/wp-content/themes/…/functions.php on line 73

To fix this error, refer to your file source in the File Manager on Hosting Control Panle ( for example cPanel or … ) and go to the wp-content folder then themes, look for the path to your active template folder, and Look for the functions.php file after entering your site’s template directory

Open the file with a file editor and go to line 73 and clear all in line 73 and replace it with the following values:


Finally, save the file by tapping Save and reloading your website with F5 Key On Your Keyboard.



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